Electric Water Heater of Donar- Model DEW80C

Electric Isolated water heater of Donar was invented for the first time by Donar Khazar Company with the registration No. 49506 and its license belongs to Donar Comonay for 20 consecutive years

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Donar electric water heater is mural and can be easily installed due to the isolation of the tank, the water inside won’t be evaporated and it will end in effcient energy consumption. Donar electric water heater has one special faucet that has the function of being one-sided and a security one. Its 60-litre size can be installed at clinics, offices, places with low capacity and other places such as house, restaurant or hotels due to its being small, highly-efficent , beauty and effcient energy consumption. This product is unique and has not national counterpart and is extremely secure. It can be easily used in regions with low water pressure. It is thermostatic and can be adjusted for every temperature. in regions that gas piping is not possible, Donar Electric water heater can be used. advantages: equipped with galvanized sheet with thick cover-efficient consumption of energy-firm and isolated body- having european element (efficient and highly qualifid) -warming the water in the quickest span of time possible-equipped with two-sided security faucet -easy and fast access to electric spare parts.


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