Managing Board

The managers and the founders of Donar Khazar company took the measures to register and establish this company in 1999 with an experience of more than twenty-five years in the field of trading and manufacturing of household appliances. The production line of the company was first launched for giving services at 2001. The founders of the company express their motivation in founding this company and launching its production line through their desire to support national production, assisting the industry of Iran and its independence in industry and economy of the country.


Donar Khazar company has increased its activities on a daily basis nearly after 13 years from its date of establishment and the managers of the company proudly express that they have reached to their most important and basic goal which was to boost employment. In parallel with this, approximately 300 individuals work directly in different parts of this company and were able to provide employment for 1000 individuals in an indirect way.

However, this number was not enough to satisfy the founders and the managers of this company. On the other side, the love for production forced them to launch different lines of production through taking use of the capacity of the engineers and the graduates of the district and the up-to-date technology and the national and international technical knowledge. This is the reason why they added new gracefulness to Azerbaijan.

Donar Khazar company succeeded in designing and manufacturing Hermetic heater (special for exporting) and two-fanned cooler for the first time in Iran with 35 percent increase in comparison with the previous year and the world which was a huge step in homemade appliances industry. From the features of these two recent products, we can refer to optimizing the energy usage, environment protection, stabilizing the rate of oxygen in the inner space, decreasing 20 percent of its price and a more beautiful appearance.

It should be mentioned that our company is proud of registering two-fanned cooler for the first time in the world. In this manner, our company is glorified through registering another “firsts” in the book of “Tabriz as the city of Firsts”. At the moment, the company is pleased with catering the need of other countries in the region as well as providing for the national consumption when it comes to Hermetic heater. Development in daily increasing export to the adjacent countries of the region is the biggest objectives of this company in the near future.

In conclusion, we can say that the big Donar Family has faith indeed in the motto, “national product, national glory” and finds its happiness and of the next generation in industrial and economic independence of our dear country and will make bold attempts to achieve it.