Donar Khazar Company was established in 1996 with the commercial name of Donar. Our personnel since then have applied the latest technologies and the experiences of the Iranian and foreign experts in this field and installed the modern machineries and equipment to optimize the energy usage and to protect the environment. The advantage of this company in comparison with its national or international counterparts is its high quality products. In addition to have received Standard emblem, our company succeeded to obtain the certificate of approval of institutes and International Quality Control organizations.

Refrigerator- Freezer

Cool, smart and beautiful life, with Donar refrigerators!

Welcome to the world of advanced and beautiful Donar refrigerators
, where superior technology meets art to bring a unique atmosphere
to your home.
Our refrigerators are not only a place to store all kinds of food,
but also an organizer, a companion and an artistic display
in your kitchen decoration.

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Washing Machine

Freshness and tenderness, every day with Donar smart washing machine!

At Donar, we believe that moments of life lie in the quality of your clothes. With our smart washing machines, we turn these precious moments into an extraordinary experience of freshness and tenderness.

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Dish washer

Easy life with Donar smart dishwasher!

At Donar, we believe that life should always be simple
and easy, even when you're washing dishes.
With Donar smart dishwasher, we make everything easy
for you, so that you can spend more moments of your life with
your loved ones.

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Do You Know?

Water coolers

Freshness of water every day with Donar water coolers!

Donar brings you a unique experience of coolness and
freshness every summer day.
With our smart water coolers, every moment in your home
or workplace will be a fresh and cool experience.

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Heaters and Gas Fireplaces

Pleasant warmth in every breath with Donar gas heater and fireplace!

With the arrival of the cold and winter season, warm and pleasant air is one of our most important needs. With Donar gas heaters and fireplaces, you will no longer need to worry about the cold. With Donar products, we bring the warmth you have always wanted to your home. we bring

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Electrical and Gas Water heaters

Donar electric and gas water heater, heat is always available!

The cold seasons of the year create the need for hot and pleasant warmth anywhere in the house. With the Donar smart gas and electric water heater, we make this heat available to you. With our advanced technology and modern design, you will experience continuous and comfortable warmth even on the coldest winter days.

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