After-sales Services

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After-sales Services

After sale and delivery of the product to the customer, After-sales service unit bears the responsibility for offering technical services, etc. to all the products in the field of installing and launching and activating guarantee all around the country in a decent manner and with an appropriate quality so that all the customers of the company find satisfaction in Donar Products.

Goals of Donar After-sales service unit

  1. Helping customers in the aspect of preparing the product to immediate operation and using the product as much as possible by training service workers and repairmen and providing fast and timely spare parts
  2. Assisting the sales unit of the product for satisfying the existing customers and attracting potential customers through gaining the customers’ confidence about the bought products.
  3. Earn appropriate profitability in proportion to the investment made in the after-sales service sector.
  4. Feedback of product defects to the company for their continuous technical improvement.
  5. Transfer customer suggestions and criticisms to the company to analyze them and take the necessary actions if necessary.

To this end, after-sales services are provided due to the constant expansion of products sold to customers across the country and to avoid the centralization and cross-sectional development of the organization; by engineering the affairs and creating a suitable service system that includes the following technologies.

Formulate and express the strategy of the company in after-sales service and justify the experts and specialized forces and attract their participation

Creating and organizing after-sales service information infrastructure based on:

Establishment of an archive center including defects identification resources, service and maintenance, repairs, parts, introduction of new models and their technical specifications, warranty booklet, and educational software including educational books, training CDs, slides, etc.
Creating a database of sellers and repairmen; including their location, precedence, workplace status, etc. in order to obtain information about their needs and also to review their requests for new products.
collecting information about the deficiencies in the products.
launching a new website for the access of service agencies to the needed information in all the fields mentioned above. (by using the membership No. in the site)
Establishing a live two-way call between the customer and the company to respond to technical, educational, information and potential complaints
Creating a telecommunication network and an e-mail to communicate constantly with customers
Forming expert groups to resolve technical and educational issues and prepare and compile the required documents and documentation of products in software.
Creating a small but equipped network to train repairing engines to give services and repairs during the warranty of newly sold products and training their use on the customer site.

To sum it up, it can be mentioned that after-sales services of Donar Industrial group: has implemented a very powerful information infrastructure and well-designed to be able to lead a wide network of companies, contractors, suppliers and customers towards the company's goals.