A water heater is one of the vital tools in homes that is used to provide hot water for various purposes, from faucets to refrigerators and bathrooms. This device offers new possibilities to users with modern technologies. Donar water heaters are available in different types and sizes, including direct and indirect water heaters. A direct water heater is used to heat water without the need for an additional tank, while an indirect water heater uses a tank to store hot water.

Modern technologies in Donar water heaters include automatic temperature regulation systems, energy saving, and safety systems. Some models have touch screens. One of the important advantages of water heaters is energy saving. Using new technologies, modern water heaters consume energy in the best possible way and prevent energy waste. According to the different needs of families, water heaters of Donar company are available in the market with a beautiful appearance and various designs. As one of the basic components of the house, these devices are among the popular choices in the market due to their flexibility, efficiency and economy.

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