In order to control the effluents and gas exits from the chimneys and furnaces, it is offered to the reliable laboratories of the organization. All the measures taken such as environment, hygiene and managing affairs in the company is described below:


Carrying out three-months periodical experiments in a self-expressive manner in order to take sample out of refinery of the company and assessing the pollution level of chimneys by the reliable environment companies of the province.


Drawing an annual contract with the waste management organization of municipality of Tabriz in order to unload and carry the segregated garbage weekly from the company


Conducting periodical health and occupational medicine examinations in order to be sure of personnel’s’ health and the environmental conditions of the company


The presence of the medical practitioner and professional health expert in the company for three days in a week continuously at the company


Conducting periodical biannual experiments in order to assess and appoint the rate of noise and environmental pollution by the reliable companies presented by the health center of the province


Organizing and reporting committee of protection, health and occupational safety in a period of three months’ length and organizing and presenting the report to job office and the health center of the province