About Donar Industrial Group

Donar industrial group was registered in 1999 with the high aspiration of its founders and started production in 2001. This company is located in a site with the area of 33000m^2 in Tabriz-Azarshahr industrial Road which possesses a standard hall for production of different household appliances with the latest technology of the world


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Exceeding 500 personnel work in Donar Industrious group with an appropriate foundation for the employment of the youth of this province who are filled with new ideas and capabilities.

At the present moment, the household appliances of Donar Industrial Group include various No Frost freezer refrigerators, automatic and semi-automatic washing machine, various kinds of heater and gas fireplace, Hermetic gas heater, water cooler air conditioner, gas and electrical water heater package in order to satisfy the needs of its customers and has taken steps by paying continuous attention to on-going progress in processes and products.

Moreover, receiving ISO9001;2000 standard certificates in the field of increasing the satisfaction of customers and receiving ISO14001:9001 in the field of enhancement of environmental conditions and the issuance of ECM and CE-1282 certificates for the reason of exporting to European countries are proofs.