Dish washer of Donar- Model DDM14-02

Having a separate basket for spoons, forks, capability of adjusting the height of middle basket,half capacity washing with the possibility of choosing half the storey- having three baskets and three sprinkler arms

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Automatic washing and optimal use of water and energy
It is capable of conserving energy for 24 hours
AAutomatic regulation of temparature for optimal energy use
equipped with an alarm to warn about the amount of salt and polishing materials
equipped with child security lock
it has motor warranty for 5 years
Eco Economic program
Fruit and Vegetable washer
it has drying system
smart trouble-shooting system
it has a separate spoon and fork basket
capable of adjusting the height of middle basket
half-capacity washing with possible choice of half the floor
It has three baskets and three water sprinker arms


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