Refrigerator of Donar- Model DR 366T-D17

If you feel like purchasing this freezer as a twin freezer-refrigetaor , you can purchase DNF290T model

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Common Features
Equipped with LED lighting system
Digital monitor equipped with child safety lock
Equipped with warning bell to warn if the door is left open
Smart Troubleshooting system
Easy to use refrigerator handle
Equipped with a hinge to prevent excessive opening of the door
Dimensions without opening: 650*640*1740 mm
Refrigerator specifications
Capability of exchanging the floor trays for optimal use of the inner space
Equipped with a water dispenser
Unbreakable glass floor trays
Storage Container for fresh fruit and vegetables
Weight without Packing: 66 kg
Freezer Specifications
Firm wired shelves and floor trays for easy access
No Frost Cooling System (Without Snow)
Weight without packing: 68 kg


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