Home Bar Refrigerator of Donar- Model DNF 380A-D21

equipped with LED lighting system, a digital monitor equipped with child lock. Equipped with a warning bell to anounce that the door is left open, smart bug-finding system

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common features
Equipped with LED lighting system
digital monitor equipped with child security lock
equipped with bell for warning if the door is left open
smart trouble-shooting system
No-frost Cooling System (No Snow)
multiple cooling air current
Easy to open lever handle
equipped with stopped hinge to prevent exessive opening
dimesnions without packing: 727*650*1892

refrigerator particulars
equipped with home bar with easy access
unbreakbale and lockable glass floors
storage for fresh fruit and vegetables
equipped with a rail for easy movement of the fruit box
weight without packing: 80 kg

Freezer Particulars
automatic ice-maker and water dispensor
crystal drawers and unbreakable glass floors
weight without packing: 60kg


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